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Commercial Playground vs. Residential Playground Round 2

Help In Selecting Commercial Playground Equipment Or Residential Playground Equipment

Standard Specifics

Safety Is Number One!

Need to Match Government Regulations regarding Manufacturing & Safety
Wherever a playground is set up, it has to meet safety policies. This is similar for both commercial playgrounds and residential playgrounds. However, the rules on playgrounds in public areas are generally tighter for commercial playground equipment.

Produced from stronger & more sturdy elements

Commercial Playgrounds Are Stronger

Commercial playgrounds are actually designed to be used by a substantial number of young children over a lengthy time period. Pertaining to this reason, Commercial Playgrounds are naturally designed to last longer as well as endure harsher as well as a lot more recurrent use. Residential playgrounds usually manufacturers decide on cheaper but less durable materials.

Sold through Large Box Merchants
Residential playgrounds can be acquired from department stores. These are meant for sale to individual households. Commercial playgrounds are generally too substantial to be sold at an individual site. Additionally, their modification choices tend to be better suited for online sales.


Turn Your Playground Equipment Into An Asset

Commercial playgrounds are always more pricey because they are manufactured from a lot more heavy duty resources. They are also typically larger, meaning they require additional expenditure,including professional installation and surfacing components. Normally only huge residential playgrounds will get to the same budget as commercial playgrounds.


Know Your Playground Equipment Weight Requirements

Commercial playgrounds are usually more substantial in size, and manufactured to support a lot more youngsters at one time. Commercial playground equipment adhere to tighter security polices and use tougher components, since it is more difficult to supervise a great number of young children concurrently. Residential playgrounds are created for single families or very small neighborhoods, allowing direct supervision of children.

Assorted Commercial and Residential Themes

Playground Equipment Come In Many Colors

There exists designs for commercial playground equipment tailored to suit a wide variety of budgets. Different educational facilities, religious facilities, recreational areas as well as other organizations have varying demands for their playgrounds like including style, colors, and accessibility features. On the contrary, due to the small budget and space involved, Residential playgrounds have fewer options. If you are considering restaurant playground equipment, for example, stick to a commercial grade playground option.

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