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How To Mitigate Hot Playground Equipment Lawsuits

Don’t Get Burned…..Really

Hot Playground Equipment Hurt
Nick Fewings – Unsplash

Hello Dear Friends,
We just wanted to take a moment to share a couple facts with you concerning lawsuits involving hot playground equipment.  The last decade served many warnings and unfortunate accidents due to hot playground slides and other unprotected equipment.  You may already have a playground, but have you thought of investing in Playground Shade Covers?

I want you to take a moment and imagine these two possible scenarios below:

#1 Parent:  You started your day well, brought the children to the residential playground for a seemingly fun and danger-free time.  All is going well and you are excited to go home and put the exhausted children to nap so you can get chores/business done.  There’s a cool breeze blowing and the temperature is only in the mid 70s. Your son/daughter slides down the slide and suddenly screams!  You run over in a panic to investigate.  The child is frantic and cannot stop rubbing his/her hands.  You open their palm in horror to see second degree burns.  In the seemingly lovely weather, the sun’s radiation heated the slides enough to cause severe damage.  Why wasn’t a shade cover installed over the playground? Now you have a trip to the ER and a child who will be scared of playgrounds for the rest of his/her life. Great!

#2 Playground Owner/Manager: Based on the above, you’re on the receiving end of the parents of the injured child.  You started your day well, things are going on as usual at the office.  You receive a call, email or letter indicating you are/will be facing a lawsuit.  Heart attack anyone? How about a little serving of stroke for your mid-morning brunch? But it wasn’t your fault the sun heated up the playground equipment right?!

Well back in 2012, a New York family was awarded $17,500 for a lawsuit filed.  Their 1 year old daughter’s hands were burned in 2010 from a hot slide.  It would have been better investing some of that money getting things done right the first time(installing playground shade covers).

Also, in 2017 a little girl in Idaho suffered second degree burns as well.  Guess what she was doing?  Yep, going down the hot slide.  There are many more cases like these.  It is best to be pro-active rather than being re-active.  Not only should you want to prevent lawsuits coming to you, building trust within your community is important as well.  Let parents know that you’re putting the well-being of their children first!

This is where come in.  You are not covered, quite literally.  You NEED shade cover for your residential playground or commercial playground, and they provide it…lots of it…and in an array of selections.  This is an understatement.  Even on cloudy days,, the sun’s radiation is so powerful that it will heat up material enough to cause burns.  Mitigate hot playground lawsuits immediately by investing less dollars in shade covers, or go the hard way and invest more dollars paying reparations.

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