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Mom’s Playground Equipment Workout

Unsplash – Paul Hanaoka

Mom’s live a fast-paced lifestyle. Many have made great sacrifices for their families which include their own health and wellness. However moms desire to look great, feel great, possess strength and of course, take care of the little ones without feeling aged and exhausted. These moms try to find gym time, or a dedicated workout hour that is almost impossible. Unfortunately, most times playground workouts never occur to her. Moms can address two birds at once by getting a good playground equipment workout in while the children do as well.

How can a mommy of four, for example, get that dedicated period for herself and undertake the exercise routine program she had committed to executing. This is one of those challenges which requires an immediate answer and applying it quickly for positive transformation. As we chatted (with the mom), she outlined that she takes the youngsters to the playground frequently throughout the week. Problem exposed, solution identified!

Below is a generated a list of playground workout exercises she could perform with the kids or perhaps while they are entertained at the playground. These are nothing amazing. Nothing profoundly distinctive or special. There are a lot more options for consideration. But this collection can get any busy mom started on the road to a healthy body. They are effective and enjoyable. When done consistently, just like keeping your children active, they will enhance you!

High Knees

Getty Images

Step up On Benches

Getty Images

Jump Ups

Getty Images

Walking Lunges

Getty Images

Pushups Using Swings

Getty Images

The Featured One:

Modified jack Squats

Modified Squat Jacks from Jerusha Osborne Dowd on Vimeo.

Mix things up and keep it interesting. Stay inspired and always keep it fun! A good, hyper playground workout will keep your endorphins pumping and reduce the effects of the stress that comes with being a mother. Don’t over think it, simply go and do It! Include the children. Don’t let them be an obstacle to your health, have them be a partner by working out together! Trust me, they also benefit with you being in shape and having more energy. After all, which child will say no to their mommy chasing them around the yard with water balloons or to play cat and mouse? If you need some energy or want to burn the extra layers off, don’t wait. Find a playground you like and make it your open gym.

Perform these playground workouts at the park or your own backyard. While the children run around having all the innocent fun they deserve to have. Their joy will give you the boost you need to do your workout. Some sun, healthy fresh air and a gentle breeze to accompany a good workout are blessings Jesus provided for free. All that is needed is to accept these gifts and enjoy them. Don’t forget to be thankful to our Lord for what he has done for us.

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